Our cellar

Each gastronomic proposal cannot reach its peak of taste only with the right combination in terms of wine. It is a strong conviction that has led us, over the years, to build a winery that today can count more than 300 labels.

A large section is dutifully dedicated to Franciacorta, an excellent product of our land. We try to represent and propose as many varieties as possible, aware of the fact that each winery instills its own identity in its products, thus making them unique and inimitable. Each Franciacorta has its own character and this fortune is due to the rich morphological variety of the land used for vineyards.

Rich is the selection of white and red wines. Selection that tries to represent not only the great labels of each region, but also the niche products, proudly discovered by Davide, curator of our entire beverage section.

We also offer foreign labels, with an eye to the French ones (white, red and Champagne).

As a certified spirits taster Davide could only create an enviable selection of meditative moments: rum, gin, grappa, cognac, armagnac, whiskey, calvados, fruit distillates.