Lingua di vitello tiepida - Ristorante Uva Rara - Monticelli Brusati Franciacorta

The Land - Franciacorta and Sebino

Lacqued grilled eel
with nasturtium salad with capper powder,
and red onion ice cream

Duck tartare with cress and chervil salad,
and mint flavoured apricot

Black Tagliolino au Franciacorta Rosè,
char tartare and lemon from Garda Lake

Risotto au Franciacorta with spring herbs,
and frog legs and their stock

Grilled char
with lightly cooked spring onion and herbs sauce,
and marinated spring onion

Beef braised in oil
with red corn polenta

Rose cake,
with espresso ice-cream and hot eggnog cream

65,00 € each - Available for the whole table | cover charge, wine and water excluded