Hostaria Uva Rara - Monticelli Brusati - Franciacorta

Festival Franciacorta Menu

Life of Vine

4 courses for 4 combinations with Franciacorta Wines:
Non dosed, Extra Brut, Rosè, Demisec

  • Snails of vineyard, black bread crumbles and brown stock
    combined with Villa, Extra Blu Millesimato 2016
  • Lamb ravioli with cooked grape must and redcurrant
    combined with Villa Crespia, Cisiolo, Non dosato, Blanc de Noir
  • Rabbit roll wrapped with vine leaf and its stock
    combined with Barone Pizzini, Rosè Millesimato 2016 100% pinot nero
  • Grape flour sablè with chocolate cream, caramel, grape confit, grape sorbet
    combined with Bersi Serlini, Nuvola Demisec

€ 70.00 each (min.2 pax)

Menu proposed from 11 to 19 September